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The Last Pendragon, Chapter 3

THREE Irion sipped from his horn of ale and leaned back against the smooth bark of a beech tree. The wind was sharp and chilled his back even as the crackling wood fire scorched his face and hands. Off to the north other fires burned, some on hills nearby, others more distant, only bright sparks … Continue reading

The Last Pendragon, Chapter 2

TWO  Irion and Gwythur slowed their horses to a walk as they started down the hill toward the Sabrina River. Behind them, laughing and talking, came a small company of armed warriors cloaked in the green colors of Gwent. Here the Sabrina was still wide and flecked with white foam, more sea than river, and … Continue reading

Escapist Trash

A friend who is very ‘literary’ asked me the other day why, with all the social problems and issues facing the world these days I choose to write “escapist trash.” I wasn’t sure how to answer the ‘trash’ accusation, trash being a value judgment. I hope the quality of my writing is better than trash, … Continue reading