Killing the Skydancer: A Mystery


Robert Rice’s new novel, Killing The Skydancer: A Mystery, is now available on Kindle! 

Dave Hart, a former Seattle cop, has seen enough of crime so he has moved to Montana to relax and build a cabin in the mountains. But his quiet life explodes when a homicide is committed in a nearby Buddhist monastery and he’s called in to help with the case. Teamed with Hayley Logan, a former detective who became a Buddhist nun after losing her husband and children to a drug-related murder, Dave is directed by the abbot to find the killer.

Battling local prejudice, corruption in the sheriff’s department, and his growing attraction to his new partner, Dave stumbles onto ancient secrets and a tantric sex ritual. When he uncovers something even more sinister, he is confronted with an impossible choice: save the life of his partner or that of an abused ten-year-old boy. Which would you choose?

Blending humor, compassion, and action with characters struggling to come to terms with their own past tragedies, Killing the Skydancer will appeal to fans of suspenseful and entertaining mysteries worldwide.

Killing the Skydancer: A Mystery is now available exclusively on Kindle – read it today!

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