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The Last Pendragon, Chapter 6

PART TWO   BEDWYR   SIX   Bedwyr pulled the woolen pillow off his head and with a groan lifted himself onto his elbow. At his movement the huge wolfhound sleeping in the corner opened his eyes and raised his ears, but did not otherwise move.             The narrow window at which Bedwyr squinted showed … Continue reading

The Last Pendragon, Chapter 5

FIVE  Irion and his warriors reached the gates of Caerwent as the sun was setting. After the battle they had buried their dead and rested overnight before riding slowly back. Irion had sent a messenger ahead to tell Honorius of their victory, envisioning in the flush of his triumph a hero’s welcome. But during the … Continue reading

The Last Pendragon, Chapter 4

FOUR  The cavalry reached the top of a low hill as the sky paled with the first streaks of dawn. Irion called a halt to rest the horses and eat a quick meal. They had ridden hard all night, hunched against a wind that blew thin and cold into their faces, fretting past them to … Continue reading

The Last Pendragon, Chapter 3

THREE Irion sipped from his horn of ale and leaned back against the smooth bark of a beech tree. The wind was sharp and chilled his back even as the crackling wood fire scorched his face and hands. Off to the north other fires burned, some on hills nearby, others more distant, only bright sparks … Continue reading

The Last Pendragon, Chapter 2

TWO  Irion and Gwythur slowed their horses to a walk as they started down the hill toward the Sabrina River. Behind them, laughing and talking, came a small company of armed warriors cloaked in the green colors of Gwent. Here the Sabrina was still wide and flecked with white foam, more sea than river, and … Continue reading

The Last Pendragon, Chapter 1

ONE  The gray fortress of Caerlon rang with the clamor of shouts and curses, the snorting of horses, and the clatter of metal on wood. Inside it warriors fought a mock battle with blunt swords. One side, wearing green strips of cloth tied around their arms, slowly pressed the other side back toward the stone … Continue reading